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Annette Briggs Scholarship
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Annette Briggs Scholarship Application

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Scholarship will be presented in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)


Annette Briggs Scholarship

As one of the founders of Shades of Inspiration Inc., a Breast Cancer Support Group here in Syracuse NY. Annette Briggs put a lot of hard work and dedication into making us what we are today. Annette, we will miss you as we continue to do the work we set out to do.  We love you and you will forever be in our hearts.

In honor of our Founding member Annette Whatley-Briggs we at Shades of Inspiration seek to honor her and her gifts she shared with everyone she met, and the children and young adults she inspired.  With the "Annette Briggs Scholorship" we hope to continue gifting children and young adults with assistance with their college endeavors.  Our scholorship of $300.00 will be gifted to a graduating High School Student in the Syracuse area that is continuing their education to college.  Just as our dear departed member Annette Whatley-Briggs, we want to continue the inspiration for Syracuse youth to step into their potential and grow through education.  

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